From business meetings and shopping excursions to playdates and workouts at the gym, we've got you covered.
Designed in Miami and made in Italy, Row + Lee was created by two moms in response to the global pandemic. After searching for masks that were breathable, comfortable, stylish and eco-friendly, we decided to take matters into our own hands.
We've developed new, premium masks for adults and kids that are reusable, soft, lightweight and quick-drying. Our masks meet the CDC's updated guidelines with two layers of antimicrobial protection and a snug fit around the nose and chin. Plus, our best-in-class design team has created unique, one-of-a-kind prints that will enable you to move stylishly (and safely) through your day.

About Our Masks 

  • Breathable, soft & lightweight
  • Treated with V-block (viral block) technology
  • Two layers of antimicrobial protection
  • Washable and quick-drying
  • Reusable with reversible prints
  • Elastic ear loops for all-day comfort
  • OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • One size fits most
  • Designed in Miami, made in Italy
  • 82% polyester, 18% elastane

What is V-Block?

V-Block is an intelligent Swiss technology designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on textile surfaces. It is meant to eliminate bacteria, algae, fungi and yeasts and as a result, prevents unpleasant odors, allergens and discoloration.  

What does it mean to be OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified?

If a product carries the Standard 100 label, it has been tested for harmful substances and deemed harmless for human health.  Testing is performed uniformly around the word by independent OEKO-TEX® institutes and is applicable to all parts of the manufacturing process, from the factory to the thread to the end product.  For more information visit www.oeko-tex.com.

What are the CDC recommendations for wearing a mask?

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends that people age 2 and older should wear masks in public settings and when around people who do not live in their household. According to the latest CDC update (12/7/20), the most effective cloth masks have 2-3 layers of tightly woven fabric and fit snugly around the nose and chin with no large gaps around the sides of the face. Medical masks and N95 respirators should not be used by the general public as they should be conserved for healthcare workers. 

Do your masks have two or more layers of fabric? 

Yes! Our masks are made with two layers of fabric treated with antimicrobial technology for extra protection. Each layer is made of a thin, tightly woven fabric to allow for maximum breathability. 

What is the proper way to wear a mask?

According to the CDC, you should wash your hands before putting on your mask.  Put the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.  Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face and make sure you can breathe easily. 

How should I care for my mask?

We recommend that you wash your mask after each use. Masks are machine-washable in cold water and should be hung dry. Do not tumble dry, bleach, or dry-clean your mask in order to preserve the shape and color. 

Can I exercise in my mask? 

Yes, you can absolutely exercise in our masks! They are highly breathable and quick-drying, and our hypoallergenic V-Block coating will not irritate sensitive skin. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

No, we do not accept returns or exchanges.  All mask sales are final.  For hygienic reasons, no exceptions can be made.

How quickly do orders ship? 

We will ship all orders within two business days.  We ship domestically for a flat rate of $5, and offer free shipping on all orders over $50. For faster shipping, please select the Expedited Shipping option and you will receive your order within 1-3 business days.